XTT 400

  TIG (GTAW) Welding Power Source


  Amperage Range: 5 - 400 A

  Input Power: 380 V, 3 Phase

  Rated Output: 400 A at 60% Duty Cycle
  Weight: 35 Kg


  Light Industrial Applications

     Pipeline Industry
     Maintenance and Repair
     Construction and Installation
     Industry plant construction
     Containers manufacture

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  • Feature for DC TIG welding, good looking weld, deep melting and low electrode consumption.
  • PWS - this process is helping to eliminate the stress from material after welding.
  • High-Speed Pulse Control, adds arc stability, reduces heat input and can increase travel speeds.
  • Digital display for welding current and welding voltage.
  • Pre-fow, Post-flow, Up-Slope Time, Down-Slope Time, parameters adjustable, easy to control.
  • MCU controlled
  • HF start, Hot start
  • Auto protection, self diagnostic.