XTT 200

  TIG (GTAW) Welding Power Source


  Amperage Range: 10 - 200 A

  Input Power: 230 V, 1 Phase

  Rated Output: 200 A at 25% Duty Cycle
  Weight: 21 Kg


  Light Industrial Applications

     Pipeline Industry
     Maintenance Repair
     Construction and Installation
     Shipboard Installation and Repair
     Chemical Containers Manufacturing
     Dairy Industry

pdf technical

  • Inverter equipment, AC/DC power source has a simple operator interface providing only the necessary controls in a compact machine.
  • Best choice in TIG and Stick arc characteristics for those demanding jobs.
  • Thermal overload protection with indicator light. Self diagnostic.
  • MCU control. Multi-parameters adjustment.
  • Unique patented technologies have been applied, high reliability and durability.
  • HF Start.
  • Hot Start.
  • VRD function.