XTasy 400 SP/DP

  MIG (GMAW) Welding Power Source


  Amperage Range: 350: 30 - 400 A

  Input Power - 380 V, 3-Phase, 285-475V

  Rated Output: 400 A at 100% Duty Cycle
  Weight: 52 Kg

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  Light Industrial Applications

     Machinery industry
     Construction and Installation
     Industry plant construction

     Containers manufacture

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  • Full Digital Synergic pulse MIG welding machine, soft switch technology , high efficiency. Completely digitalized control system, to achieve precise control of the welding process, increase the arc stability.
  • Synergic Digital in MIG/MAG and Pulse MIG/MAG welding process.
  • Perfect functions of starting arc and reducing melting ball while stopping arc.
  • Fan on demand cooling system (when needed).